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We believe cryptocurrencies are a valuable and revolutionary asset class that should be included in even the most conservative portfolio. Our range of services are tailored to your needs and risk tolerance and driven by our experience and philosophy.

Proactive Investment

Automated Trading

We have been developing and perfecting our trading algorithms for many years and have been exclusive partners with industry leader Cryptohopper since 2018. The benefits of automated trading can not be overstated and it is a great tool for both novice and experienced traders.

Personalised Investing Strategy

Portfolio Management

Even the most conservative investor should have some exposure to cryptocurrencies and digital assets both as a hedge against inflation and as a long term growth investment. But it can be difficult to know where to start and what selection of assets fit your risk appetite. Oxford Crypto will help build a portfolio, tailored to you.

Forward-Thinking Trading

Swing Trade Signals

We have partnered with Pure Gold, an up and coming player in the crypto trading field, to develop a wide range of swing trading strategies that are optimised for specific crypto pairs. Even better is that these signals are provided completely free of charge on platforms that run an innovative performance based structure which means you pay absolutely nothing until you are making consistent gains.

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The Oxford Crypto Fund

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Cryptocurrency Consultation

With over 25 years of experience in cryptocurrency investment and asset research, the Oxford Crypto team have the knowledge and skills to help in a wide range of projects.


Our decades of combined experience have taught us the importance of risk management and self awareness. While we are optimistic for the future, our daily approach is conservative.


We partner with the best and most reliable platforms in the industry to ensure that our strategies, signals and research is reliable and up to date.


We are constantly developing and refining our strategies and our industry knowledge. As we learn, we put that experience back into what we build.


Our long term view is emphatically optimistic. We believe that cryptocurrency as a space is not only an important investment but also will change the financial world forever.