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What is Cryptohopper?

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Cryptohopper is the leading automated trading platform with over 250,000 active users making profits every single day. Cryptohopper allows users to automate their trading, manage portfolios, copy experts, and design and use sophisticated trading strategies. By using Cryptohopper in conjunction with the excellent templates, strategies and signals designed exclusively by Oxford Crypto, you can become a much more efficient trader letting us do the hard work for you! 

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Binance is the largest and most secure crypto-exchange in the world, offering currencies like bitcoin and ethereum.


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Cryptohopper is an automated trading platform that lets you easily build strategies from just $16.58 per month.


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We send trading signals directly to you through Cryptohopper. We also provide strategies and free templates.

Customers based in USA are unable to access Binance due to financial regulation laws, in this case we strongly recommend KuCoin as a strong alternative. KuCoin is a leading cryptocurrency exchange with a reputation for security and innovation. Like Binance, it has a large user base with high trading volume, it also has a wide range of currency pairs available.

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Investing in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency can seem very complex even for an experienced investor. We will be able to demystify the space and provide a personalised portfolio that will match your risk appetite and fit seamlessly with your existing investments. 

Free Swing Trading Signals

Oxford Crypto has partnered with Pure Gold to develop high quality swing trading signals available to users completely free. Like us, Pure Gold are a small UK based group of traders and algorithm developers so it made sense to team up with them to create some great swing trading strategies. While they are still up and comers in the industry, they are making a big impression by disrupting the market and opening up their signals to everyone for free.

These free signals are available on the following platforms under the Pure Gold name:


UpBots is an all-in-one trading platform that allows users to trade, invest, farm and stake cryptocurrency, forex and commodities manually or algorithmically with bots. Their innovative performance based structure means that you will not pay a penny unless you are making consistent returns and you will only ever pay a small portion of your profits. 



Telegram is a mobile messaging service. If you do not wish to automate these signals through the UpBots or Mercor Finance platforms, you can hold on to those performance fees and trade manually by receiving the signals directly to your phone.